Merger of Grieger GmbH and HSL Fachlabor GmbH

Two years ago, our parent company HENI decided to include HSL Fachlabor in the company portfolio. The HSL photo lab has been a fixture in Düsseldorf for over 35 years.

HENI had already taken over Grieger five years ago, and carefully reorganised it.

After this period of coexistence with HSL, it’s now clearer than ever: we belong together.

On August 18, 2022,  enormous expertise and the industry’s top specialists merged under the name Grieger GmbH.

The former HSL headquarters at Adersstraße 49 (40215 Düsseldorf) will remain your point of contact for the company. What’s more, we’ve taken this opportunity to curate a wonderful place for art and creative exchange. Our new location is also very central, so clients no longer need to make the longer journey to our production site on Goslarer Straße.

The Grieger Art Hub is now open to you. There, you’ll find customer advisors from Grieger and HSL to support you with your projects as usual, along with an exciting new venue for art and inspiration. From exhibitions and vernissages to artist talks and book signings, our multifunctional venue gives free rein to creativity.

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For the perfect image

With outstanding expertise and excellent craftsmanship, we create artworks for photographers, museums and galleries on a range of materials, for many different purposes.

Quality matters

Photographers can deal with a lot: Bad light, bad subjects, bad pay. But not bad quality.

With Grieger, architecture becomes building art

When planning and designing versatile objects, we are happy to assist you.

Production & Technology


Today, we combine highly efficient modern production techniques with a constant focus on our clients’ needs. Perhaps that’s why Grieger is the only company in the world that prints photographs larger than 300 x 180 cm at a quality suitable for the art market.

Advice & Service

We have been printing large-format photographic art – up to 500 x 240 cm – for half a century.

At Grieger we understand that every artwork is unique – whether by an award-winning professional or an emerging artist – and must be assessed individually. That’s why clients put so much faith in our highly respected advice and service. Developed over half a century of working closely with artists, our service is designed to ensure that the print and production of your art remains true to the original vision.

If you make use of our services, our experts will cast an experienced eye over each piece of work, suggest the most appropriate production technologies, techniques and materials – whether traditional or state-of-the-art digital – and manage the production process from beginning to end. If required, we can provide transport, installation and project management services. And, of course, if you’re interested in producing your artwork at large format sizes, we can advise on that too. Simply contact us to arrange a consultation, free of charge.


HENI is an independent publisher of fine art, specialising in the reproduction of artworks and fine art photography. HENI produces exhibition-quality prints, books and catalogues for well-known artists, museums and galleries, as well as complementary services including photography, videography and website development and management.

HENI places particular emphasis on combining traditional craft skills with innovative production techniques.