Digital Print

We have taken the same quality controls for photography production, using them for our digital large format printing.

State-of-the-art UV to board printing and eco-friendly HQ latex printing form the basis of our large-format digital printing systems.

During the HQ latex printing process, the ink is embedded in a dispersion of water and latex. The water content evaporates as a result of the thermal printing process and the colour pigments on the substrate are coated with a latex polymer layer. The latex print is ideal for posters, car laminations, wallpapers, banners, display materials and fabrics. It is possible to print up to 500 x 240 cm, which is then sealed behind Plexiglas/acrylic glass.

UV to board printing does not require any surface protection, has no drying time, is weather and abrasion resistant, as well as being lightfast. The maximum format is 305 x 250 cm. Rigid synthetic materials, metal, glass or wood can be printed on to a thickness of up to 40 mm. The option of white printing offers a variety of other creative possibilities.